How to Make a Music Video?


One of the best ways to put your music in front of your audience is through a music video. But, how to make a music video if you’re tight on budget?

There are different types of music videos: performance, lyric, narrative, concept, animation, etc. Depending on which type you choose, the cost will change. 

In any case, you’ll need a video editing tool that will help you edit and export your video. If you’re just getting started, online music video makers will do the job perfectly, as you don’t have a video production team and don’t have the financial resources to hire them. 

So, how to make your music video online? Read on and follow the steps to get started!

  • How to Make a Music Video Online?
  • Music Video Templates


How to Make a Music Video Online?

Online music video makers are a cost-effective option for beginners. And, cost-effective doesn’t mean low quality. This is something you should keep in mind. 

With the customizable video templates, you can create animated music visualizers, lyric videos, and narrative videos with stock footage of your choice. The only limit is your imagination. 

Without further ado, let’s get to the steps of making a music video with Renderforest online music video maker:

  1. Sign in or sign up to the platform. 
  2. Go to the video template library.
  3. Choose one of the categories: Music Visualisations or Typography (for lyric videos and narratives)
  4. Browse the templates, choose the one you like, and start creating.


To visualize your music, pick a template and edit it. Customize your video by uploading your track, writing your name and the title of your song.

music visualizer

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To create a lyric video, select a typography template and customize the scenes with your song lyrics. You can also choose scenes with video holders and text, in case you want a narrative video.

lyric video with typography

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Browse more typography templates

Videos can be a part of your music marketing strategy. So go ahead and start creating!


Music Video Templates

Here are some of our newest music video templates you can use to visualize your music or promote your new album.


 Kinetic Objects Music Visualizer

Create a 3D music video using this visualizer. Customize it with your music track and export it in 3 different sizes. Available in 4K Ultra HD quality. Edit and download now!

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 LCD Screen Music Visualizer

Introduce your new single through the 2000s vibes. Upload your track, add your text, and export your music video in a couple of clicks. Available in 3 sizes: widescreen, portrait, and square. Try this template today!

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 Electric Pulse Equalizer

This music equalizer comes with different styles and an option to add a background image. Add your files, choose the style, and get your music video. Use it on social media, YouTube, and more. Try it today!

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 Cosmic Fusion Visualizer

Combine your audio with a futuristic design and get your next viral music video. Select the style that best suits your music and customize it. Use your new video to promote your new single or album online.

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 Sound Resonance Visualizer

Let the responsive sound waves move to the beats of your music and give your audience an immersive experience. Available in 3 sizes, this template is perfect for sharing your music on social media or any other platform. Edit and export your music visualizer today!

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 Pixelated Waves Visualizer

This pixelated neon visualizer will take your music promotion to a whole new level. The mix of cyberpunk and 90s gaming themes will create a certain mood and introduce your music in a new light. Customize it with your music track and album cover and export in high quality. Try now!

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 Pulsating Neon Shapes Visualizer

Let the rhythm of your music transform into electric neon shapes. Choose from the available styles and upload your music. Get your neon music video in a couple of clicks. This template is available in 3 sizes: widescreen, portrait, and square. Create now!

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 Throbbing Beats Visualizer

Create an immersive music video for your audience using this visualizer. Let them watch and experience every beat of your audio. Customize and export your music video and use it to promote your music or album online. Try today!

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 Rhythmic Refraction Visualizer

Do you need a creative animation for your music video? This template is as unique as your music. Choose one of the styles and customize it with your artist name and track title. Share your video on different platforms and catch the attention of the pickiest music lovers. Create today!

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 Modern Beats Album Promo

Get prepared for your album release with the right promotional tools. Create a short teaser video for your tracks and share it on social platforms in the Story format. Customize the template with your album art, artist name, song title, and, of course, your music. Try it today!

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To Sum Up

Don’t give up on your dream to have an awesome music video. Renderforest will help you with its cost-effective solution. 

Whether it’s a music visualization or a lyric video, you can create them all. Pick a suitable template and create it yourself in a couple of clicks. Browse templates to get started!

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